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Fitness Yoga Instructor Course


Fitness Yoga is for those who want the professional credentials to teach without the headache of traditional yoga. You get the ‘best’ that yoga practice can offer without the traditional and often unnecessary “trimmings”. Fitness Yoga combines elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga to create a fantastic and modern yoga style that suits all ages and abilities.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a Yoga Teacher but were put off by lengthy and expensive courses then you should consider taking our ‘Fitness Yoga’, as a professional Yoga Teacher Training popular and viable alternative.

What is Fitness Yoga?

Fitness Yoga combines a lot of the traditional styles of Yoga but brings it into the 21st century. The postures (asanas) are simple, progressive and challenging all at the same time and the emphasis is on helping each person to become focused, strong and relaxed.

Often traditional practices can get bogged down with “dogma”, in other words they get so focused on performing the posture (asana) correctly and with the right breathing that the whole essence of serenity and “naturalness” goes out the window. Fitness Yoga is for those who want the professional credentials to teach without the headache of traditional lengthy yoga.

You get the ‘best’ that yoga practice can offer without the traditional and often unnecessary “trimmings”.

Some of the Many Benefits are:

Because Yoga means ‘union’ you’ll find Fitness Yoga helps to connect both mind and body ‘as one’ to get the very best out of the practice.

  • Improves balance and flexibility
  • Increases blood flow
  • Enhances feelings of wellbeing
  • Increases energy levels
  • Promotes calmness
  • Creates inner strength
  • Improves self confidence
  • Balances the emotions through breathing exercises
  • Improves posture

*Duration includes online study, practising the moves/postures, plus taking and submitting the instructor assessment. 


Posture and Alignment Basics
The main 2 parts of Fitness Yoga practice is Physical (body) and Mental (mind/thoughts). Yoga means ‘union’ so this step guides you through how to connect your mind and body “as one” to get the very best out of the program.

Physical: Guidance on correct posture and alignment through the ‘Mountain Pose’

Mental: Clearing the mind can be challenging in a 24/7 connected world. We help you begin the process of clearing your thoughts and quietening your mental chatter in readiness for starting your Fitness Yoga practice.

Yogic Breathing

This involves a complete breath that expands both the abdomen and the chest.

If you want the best ever answer to youthful appearance then forget your lotions, potions, pills and peels. Yogic breathing is everyone’s answer to looking young.

You’ll find that with regular practice your eyes will become brighter; your skin glows with radiance and you feel full of vitality.

If you’ve been a bit confused about the right way to breathe with Yoga, then you can relax as we guide you through the 3 main points to follow with ease including simple exercises like the Mountain Breath and Cleansing Breath to practice yogic breathing.

Fitness Yoga Practice

Fitness Yoga combines elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga to create a fantastic and modern yoga style that suits all ages and abilities.

You’ll learn a complete range of different exercises (asanas) to benefit the mind and body. We affectionately refer to Fitness Yoga as ‘a Yoga Style For Everyone’. You’ll learn adaptations and safe alternatives for the poses to suit different ages, sizes and abilities ensuring an all-inclusive class structure for your participants to enjoy.

Warm Ups: Fitness Yoga is a complete all-over body workout including stretches, body conditioning and fitness. It’s important to start the Fitness Yoga practice right, so we guide you through suitable warm up exercises to allow the body time and in preparation for the different poses.

Sun Salutation: Probably the most recognised in Yoga, it unifies mind, body and breath. You’ll learn the flowing set of movements to develop your flexibility, muscle strength and fitness not to mention the great benefits to your breathing and mental focus.

Fitness Yoga Floor Work: Fantastic floor exercises to condition, strengthen and stretch. You’ll learn basic and more advanced poses including forward and backward movements with appropriate guidance on adaptations and safe teaching.

Fitness Yoga Standing Asanas: A series of standing poses to improve balance, focus and strength. Here you’ll discover why the mental practice of Fitness Yoga is equally important – the body will remain more balanced when the mind is calm. Plenty of adaptations and safety guidance on how to improve balance over time.

Fitness Yoga Inverted Asanas: These are very powerful and allows you to safely advance yours and your participants practice when ready. By inverting our body we allow fresh blood to the head and heart, revitalising the whole body. Full precautions and safe teaching of these included.

Fitness Yoga Advanced Back Bends: Throughout the Fitness Yoga program there are various back bends and in this section you’ll learn how to advance them. They require much more strength and balance in both the upper and lower body and perfect for when you and your participants want to advance your practice.

Fitness Yoga Relaxation: It’s always best to end your Fitness Yoga practice with relaxation. You’ll learn simple poses to get the mind and body ready for a short time of relaxation to end your class.


The Fitness Yoga certification process is uncomplicated and we explain everything clearly so you know what’s required, there are 2 parts to complete.

Part 1: Practical Assessment. You are required to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the Fitness Yoga program by teaching the Practical Assessment Asanas, these are few of the exercises from the program you’ve already learnt. You’ll be assessed on various criteria including safe teaching such as adaptations and coaching points. The practical is completed differently depending on which training option you choose.

Online: We provide all the details of what’s required including filming guidelines and you can upload to YouTube, send via a file sharing site such as Dropbox or post a DVD or USB stick. We review using the same criteria as if you were teaching live in front of us.

Part 2: Written. This is the same format whichever training option you choose, and requires you to complete a 6-week class structure. This is how you would personally plan and teach a 60-minute beginner’s class once a week. It’s based on what you’ve learnt in the program and clear guidance is provided for you so you know exactly what’s required.

Both assessments must be completed before we review them and results are usually emailed within a few days depending on the day of submission.


100% Online (with supporting downloads) and available 24/7 on any device via our secure instructors training area.


  1. Teach a non-traditional form of Yoga quickly, easily and safely
  2. Expand your health and fitness business
  3. Improve your posture, balance and flexibility
  4. Complement your existing classes.
  5. The perfect alternative to teaching high impact classes
  6. A suitable exercise class for different ages, sizes and abilities.
  7. Gain a professional certificate in this Yoga based programme


Therapists of all types, fitness instructors, healers, mental health experts, holistic health professionals, Wellness Coaches, etc. When you’re looking to learn new skills in holistic health and fitness and utilise existing skills with a desire to reach new audiences. Fitness Yoga enables you to offer all this, plus much more.