High Intensity Interval Training (Crush HiiT)

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CRUSH HiiT Instructor Course

FitPros, Leisure Centres, Gyms etc… Ready to ramp up your classes and business with one of the “Hottest Trends” of the year and a brand new certificated course from Fox Fitness — that will help you crush it this year! High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) is one of the biggest trends right now, with exploding demand because of one thing…

“A simple, yet highly effective total-body workout. My members love it.” Maxine L

It gets results – FAST! And Suits ALL Fitness Levels and Abilities (including beginners)

If you’re a Fitness Professional or Instructor wanting to be on the cutting-edge of the latest in-demand workouts then you’ll want to learn more about…

If you’re excited about the HiiT craze and want to get in on the trend, then let us show you how you can learn the fat-burning, calorie busting and high-energy fitness techniques all in one step-by-step certificated course.


And not only will your clients get in the shape of their life, but YOU will too! Every part of your body becomes leaner, stronger, fitter and you radiate glowing health.

Believe Hiit… people will NOTICE you (and your clients) and want to know your (their) secret.

Everything we teach we’ve tested to make sure it includes all the latest HiiT techniques, that get quick results all in one high-powered and safe workout.


We’ve taken out all the guesswork so you can simply follow a proven formula and structure to teach this. Works really well for:

  • Classes
  • Bootcamps
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Retreats, etc

It’s the only certificated training course that can say that, the only one that teaches YOU how to run safe, effective and fun CRUSH HiiT sessions.

Motivation and retention is at the heart of any successful class formula and CRUSH HiiT delivers on all levels.

There is no doubt about it, one of the “Hottest Trends” in fitness right now is High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). Because it burns calories, tightens and firms up all areas, is ridiculously quick in producing fantastic results and shrinking fat right out the body.

One of the main benefits is great results in less time than most traditional workouts.

Our renowned certificated CRUSH HiiT course — will help you offer the ultimate HiiT workout to your clients/members and crush it in your career this year!


1: Increases Metabolism

Reports suggest that HiiT can burn fat for up to 48 hours after a workout.

2. Quick And Easy

CRUSH HiiT is an easy workout to roll out and is very safe, adaptable and progressive.

3. No Equipment Required

CRUSH HiiT workout uses body-weight and focuses on increasing heart rate and maintaining it for a short period of time.

4. Motivation

When your participants see and experience the results of CRUSH HiiT they will be hooked. This will lead to higher retention and growth for your business. Not to mention create a real buzz for you.

5. Easy Accessible Online Course

The training takes place on an awesome online course via our secure members area.

6. No Licence or Monthly Fees to Pay… EVER!

We believe in making our courses as easy to complete and implement as possible. There is nothing to sign, no heavy laden t&c’s or expensive on-going charges.

  • Quick and easy to learn and teach
  • Safe and fully tested by fitness professionals
  • Gain a professional certificate in High Intensity Interval Training
  • Adaptations provided to suit different fitness levels
  • You can take it to the next level with the advanced options
  • Up Intensity/Down Intensity depending on what your class needs


Crush HiiT Basics: 

There’s plenty of information around about HiiT type workouts and each has a variation that can be difficult to know what to do. You’ll learn the simple format with clear explanations and instructions to follow, including the 7 benefits of this workout for you and your clients. You’ll know exactly how to workout ‘Crush HiiT’ style!

Crush HiiT Workout:

In this section of the program you’ll learn the different exercises and combinations to enjoy a fantastic and very effective session.

Warm Ups/Stretch: The crucial stage of your Crush HiiT workout. You’ll discover fun exercises that begin to safely warm up the body and also get the mind ready for the main section. Includes guidance on duration, appropriate adaptations and safety advice.

CRUSH HiiT Main Workout: Rev up your fat burning and sky-rocket your metabolism with these proven combinations of exercises and active rest to follow. No longer will you or your clients get bored with the same ol’ fitness routines. These are fast, fun and fabulous. Some HiiT workouts have the motto of ‘go hard or go home’. We’d prefer everyone to be safe and enjoy an effective workout so you can mix and match the program to suit different levels of fitness and ability. This suits clients who need something easier and meets the needs of your ‘hardcore’ following!

Ab Section: Isolate and tone with the Ab section to help your clients achieve better definition and a stronger core. Feel the burn (in a good way) with these challenging and fun exercises.

Cool Down/Stretch: An absolute must after all your hard work. Includes guidance on duration, appropriate adaptations and energy replenish advice to help your clients maximise their results.

Session Progression:

Practical tips to help you run a great business as a Crush HiiT Instructor including how to safely advance your sessions to attract clients and keep them coming back. Plus, learn the 4 income shaping formats to run your sessions for massive success.


The CRUSH HiiT certification process is uncomplicated and we explain everything clearly so you know what’s required, there are 2 parts to complete.

Part 1: Practical Assessment. You are required to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the CRUSH HiiT program by teaching the Practical Assessment techniques, these are few of the exercises from the program you’ve already learnt. You’ll be assessed on various criteria including safe teaching such as adaptations and coaching points.

We provide all the details of what’s required including filming guidelines and you can upload to YouTube, send via a file sharing site such as Dropbox or post a DVD or USB stick. We review using the same criteria as if you were teaching live in front of us.

Part 2: Written. This is the same format whichever training option you choose, and requires you to complete a 6-week class structure. This is how you would personally plan and teach a 60-minute beginner’s class once a week. It’s based on what you’ve learnt in the program and clear guidance is provided for you so you know exactly what’s required.

Both assessments must be completed before we review them and results are usually emailed within a few days depending on the day of submission.


100% Online (with supporting downloads) and available 24/7 on any device via our secure instructors training area.