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Tai Chi Fit is the culmination of Fox Fitness’s ultimate ambition of creating workouts that uniquely boost mental and physical performance, presented in a way that’s fascinating, educational, and experiential, and that penetrates deep into your learning pool for dramatic increases in your workout experience and fitness classes.

Today more than ever before, more and more health and fitness enthusiasts are turning their attention to holistic mind and body exercises. For many there is a desire to end the high impact routines and bone jarring exertions in favour of more relaxing and graceful exercises.

An incredible group fitness or personal training workout combining the ancient art of Tai Chi with today’s modern fitness techniques to create something entirely new and infinitely powerful.

“Enjoyable, informative and clear teaching. Allowing me as the student to take everything in at my own pace and ask questions I need. A brilliant training programme, I’m excited to get started!” Jennifer Richardson, Berkshire.


Tai Chi Fit is an innovative, dynamic and motivating mind/body fitness concept based on the timeless practice of T’ai Chi, fused with the latest fitness trends to stimulate the mind and body. It’s a sequence of  rhythmic and synchronised movements taken from many styles of T’ai Chi, which are then performed in a flowing motion to inspirational music (it is not choreographed to music in the fitness class sense! You can use any suitable track you have).

 The Ultimate East Meets West Non-Traditional Tai Chi Class

Traditionally T’ai chi formed a component of Chinese medicine and it is widely appreciated to increase strength and promote a deep feeling of calm and harmony by improving the flow of internal energy (or qi) throughout the body.

“Had a wonderful day. Annette was patience personified – helping me with visualisation and furnishing me with hints and tips in order to help me with the sequence of movements for the Tai Chi Fit form, pushing my doubts away. Thank you.” Annette Toomey, Kent

 As an exercise form, Tai Chi Fit benefits the entire mind and body:

  • Increases muscle strength
  • Enhances balance and flexibility
  • Promotes vitality and inner health
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Promotes calmness
  • Balances the emotions through breathing exercises
  • Improves posture
  • Releases stress, creates tranquility and enhances personal creativity
  • Enhances the performance of the internal organs and immune system
  • It strengthens the mind and calms the emotions

People who practice Tai Chi Fit are also said to make the most of the strength of yin (the earth) and the energy of yang (the heavens) through exercises designed to express these forces in balanced and harmonious form.


  • Tai Chi For Modern Times: Learn what Tai Chi is and how it’s been helping and healing people for thousands of years. This gives you a good level of understanding to appreciate the structure of the Tai Chi Fit programme including how to easily learn and teach a simplified but still powerful exercise system to release stress, improve balance and vitality.
  • Enjoy the simple names for the exercises – no need to learn an ancient language with difficult to remember names. Simple, effective and enjoyable.
  • Tai Chi Breathing: You’ll learn a simple yet profound breathing technique you can begin to incorporate into your Tai Chi Fit practice and sessions. Tai Chi Breathing involves a complete breath that expands the abdomen and stimulates energy flow – find where the storehouse of your energy is and how you can use it as a natural stimulant to overcome mental and physical fatigue.
  • Tai Chi Fit Practice:

    Warm ups: Simple exercises to begin the natural flow of energy around the body, this helps you and your participants practice simple movements with Tai Chi breathing, relaxing the body and in preparation for the main section.Tai Chi Fit Form (sequence): A routine of exercises to include low balances, stretches and upper/lower movements that effortlessly flow from one to another to create a beautiful, relaxing and fantastic workout for the mind and body. You’ll learn how each exercise can be practised on its own as well as part of the routine and safe adaptations to suit all levels and abilities.


100% Online (with supporting downloads) and available 24/7 on any device via our secure instructors training area.


The Tai Chi Fit certification process is uncomplicated and we explain everything clearly so you know what’s required, there are 2 parts to complete.

Part 1: Practical Assessment. You are required to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the Tai Chi Fit program by teaching the Practical Assessment techniques, these are few of the exercises from the program you’ve already learnt. You’ll be assessed on various criteria including safe teaching such as adaptations and coaching points. The practical is completed differently depending on which training option you choose.

Online: We provide all the details of what’s required including filming guidelines and you can upload to YouTube, send via a file sharing site such as Dropbox or post a DVD or USB stick. We review using the same criteria as if you were teaching live in front of us.

Part 2: Written. This is the same format whichever training option you choose, and requires you to complete a 6-week class structure. This is how you would personally plan and teach a 60-minute beginner’s class once a week. It’s based on what you’ve learnt in the program and clear guidance is provided for you so you know exactly what’s required.

Both assessments must be completed before we review them and results are usually emailed within a few days depending on the day of submission.


  1. Improve your health and the lives of others!
  2. Teach a non-traditional form of T’ai Chi without the complexity
  3. Expand your health and fitness business to attract more seniors
  4. Complement your current classes.
  5. Modify the amount of high impact classes you teach
  6. An alternative to exercise classes for different ages, sizes and abilities
  7. Gain a professional certificate in a Tai Chi based programme


Therapists of all types, fitness instructors, healers, mental health professionals, holistic health professionals, Wellness Coaches, etc. When you’re looking to learn new skills in holistic health and fitness and utilise existing skills with a desire to reach new audiences. Tai Chi Fit enables you to offer all this, plus much more.