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“The World Champion of Combat Workouts”

ka02The Best Of Boxing – The Thrills of Martial Arts – One Incredible Workout!

Kickaerobics® offers you the chance to seize the opportunity to become an instructor in this incredible workout that tones and shapes every muscle in the body and has been described as the world’s most effective fat burner. You want to motivate your members and inspire them to reach their goals and get in the best shape of their lives using this fun and effective martial arts aerobics workout.

“Non intimidating. Learnt lots of varying movements and made me feel confident in teaching a class. A good introduction into martial arts fitness.”
Sharna Stimson


Kickaerobics® is the foundational combat class of top health clubs and successful instructors throughout the UK. Many have had Kickaerobics® on their timetable for the last 10 years continuing to fill classes year after year. Kickaerobics® is a fast, furious, turbo-charged – high energy, and challenging (in a fun way!) workout that combines Boxing, Kicks, Blocks and Strikes into a fantastic aerobic based workout, which stimulates the mind and body – best of all anyone can do it!

Sample Kickaerobics®

Kickaerobics® combines stances, footwork and non-contact techniques from an array of martial arts styles and boxing that fit uniquely together to produce a class that you’ll simply love teaching. You’ll pick the techniques up quickly, even if you’ve never done a martial arts class or boxing class in your life. It’s the safest combat workout of its type – guaranteed!

“I liked how encouraging and calming the teacher was and how much you can do with the moves. How simply it was taught.” Faye Hooper

Feel the Power – See the Results!

Because Kickaerobics® is a one of its kind, you’ll be amazed at how suddenly you and your class members experience the results with all over tone, definition and shape to all major muscle groups. Strength and flexibility is also enhanced significantly, not to mention a massive lift to confidence levels. In addition Kickaerobics® has a huge and noticeable calorie burning effect that you will see and feel!

Best Selling Martial Arts Fitness Workout For Over 15 Years

Let me explain the reasons behind this phenomenal growth…

1. It’s safe. Kickaerobics® combines thrilling yet easy-to-learn Boxing techniques and kicking and blocking techniques from martial arts like American Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Boxing into one incredible and SAFE Aerobic or Circuit-based workout, plus relaxation and breathing techniques from T’ai Chi and Yoga.

2. It’s exciting, fun and highly motivating! Anyone who takes a Kickaerobics® class will be on the greatest high of the week!

3. It’s non-contact. Kickaerobics®is not a martial art but is a highly motivating all over total body workout that anyone can do! Kickaerobics® is Non-Contact throughout.

4. It’s ever popular. Health and fitness experts agree that “Aerobic Kickboxing type workouts have become massive.”

5. It’s fully endorsed. The Kickaerobics® course has been created to meet the needs of today’s professional fitness instructors and is designed to international fitness standards. Fox Fitness is the only organisation in the UK to offer an authentic and exclusive certificated instructor-training course for Kickaerobics®.

“I found Kickaerobics very enjoyable and well planned. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone. I am now certain about my future, which looks very positive.”
Angie Black

Kickaerobics® is far more than just another Kick & Punch workout it’s been tried, tested and proved over more than 15 years.

This Amazing Home-Study course will include:

● Introduction to Kickaerobics®.

● Complete beginners Kickaerobics® class structure.

● How to Get Started Quickly.

● What every professional Kickaerobics® instructor must know.

● A 10-step “Starters Checklist” broken down into bite-sized action steps!

● All the coaching tips, safety points and adaptations.

● Class design and structure.

● Proper Health Screening.

You will receive the course in Home Study format consisting of:

  • Double  DVD
  • A comprehensive instructor training manual (PDF download)



Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Martial Arts Instructors who want to add a fantastic addition to their teaching schedule and desire to motivate and inspire their clients.

Certification Process.

To gain Certification to teach the program we assess you through our Remote Assessment System which consists of 2 components:

Practical and Written.

The program material covers everything you need to be able to submit your assessments to us. Provided that you have attained a 70% or more pass mark in the final written and practical assessment you will be awarded program Certification and be eligible to obtain insurance.

For more details about the assessment process, click here>

Course Investment:

Only £119.00 (plus assessment and certification of £35)!

YES! Please send me my step-by-step course of becoming a Kickaerobics Instructor  right now.

Pay just £119.00, plus £2.95 Postage and Packaging, plus assessment fee of £35 (UK only — if outside UK please contact us) total = £156.95.

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Q 01: “Is there any license fee or franchise fee to pay?”

A: No. There is no restrictive policies or game-playing with our courses. The Kickaerobics logo/name is trademarked to prevent anyone from stealing it.

Q 02: “Can I create my own routines etc.”

A: Absolutely. Provided you follow the safety guidelines, you are free to choose to do whatever you like.