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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with thousands of fans across the globe. It’s the ultimate fitness system, because few athletes in the world are fitter than MMA fighters.


Now you can bring this phenomenal fitness workout to your classes, clients, club or community in a one of a kind instructor training course presented by internationally recognised Martial Arts and Fitness instructor/presenter Ian Fox

If you’re sick of the same old routines and looking to set yourself apart as a pioneer of new fitness concepts then you need to read every word on this page because it could seriously help your fitness career and your business.

This is the perfect solution for boosting floundering classes or expanding your timetable as well as being one of the best calorie burners imaginable. You get a well-developed, professional program that is safe and enjoyable for your members.

The training course covers a full Licenced MMA Fitness system for offering MMA Fitness classes in your community or to offer additional ones to your existing clients.

It includes warm up, basics, advancing the class and, a brilliant cool down.

We also offer you plenty of safety adaptations, so that all populations can enjoy the benefits of MMA Fitness with us.

You come away with a new workout that you can offer to an ever demanding market.

There is no equipment required (unless you decide to include strike pads, etc) and you don’t need a partner. It’s a self-contained group fitness workout or could be added to a personal trainer’s exercise regime for a client. You decide how it fits into your business.

Total Body MMA FitnessIncorporates Full Body Exercises

It tones, shapes and conditions almost every part of the body, stimulates the mind and excites the spirit. This super workout covers Kicks, Punches, Elbows, Sprawls, Jumps, Blocks and Footwork. Plus, core building ground exercises and MMA fitness techniques.

100% Kick, Punch and Sweaty Fun For Men and Women!

The instructor training program will cover:

  • Introduction to MMA
  • Basics
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced techniques (for class progression)
  • All the coaching tips, safety points and adaptations
  • Numerous MMA warm up exercises and stretching techniques
  • Suitable adaptations to suit different abilities
  • Breathing and Relaxation section
  • Assessment Section – covering all you need to gain certification
  • And Much More

Who Should Take This Course?

Aerobics instructors, Fitness instructors, Martial Arts instructors, Personal Trainers, etc. When you’re looking to learn new skills in martial arts based fitness and utilise existing skills with a desire to reach new audiences. MMA Fitness is an unbeatable new fitness concept that you really must be a part of.

“A fantastic and well structured course, I enjoyed all the different parts. I would like to thank all the people involved with creating it and hope that others find it enjoyable.”
Scott Fairburn, Suffolk


Full Certification By Fox Fitness/Fox Martial Arts

To gain Certification to teach the program we assess you through the following 2 components:

Practical and Written

This covers everything you need to gain certification.

For more details about the assessment process, click here>

Join The New MMA Fitness Class Revolution!

I’m sure by now you’re beginning to appreciate just how many advantages and benefits there are in getting your MMA Fitness Instructor teaching certificate.

Approved by Fox Fitness/Fox Martial Arts.

Incredibly you get even more help to create your new MMA Fitness class because we’ve decided to include some exceptional free gifts with this exclusive instructor training course. As you obviously see we’re doing all we can to help you get started as an MMA Fitness instructor.

Valuable Special Free
Bonus Gifts…

We will include these extra special FREE gifts worth £57 when you enrol now (available for a limited time only).

FREE Bonus Gift 1 MMA Fitness Instructor Promotional Poster: This professionally designed A4 poster (or print to size) will give your classes a tremendous boost and give you that professional look and feel. PDF template would be available once certification in the programme is obtained.

FREE Bonus Gift 2 MMA Fitness Instructor Official Manual: This covers all you need to know about becoming an MMA Fitness Instructor and making your classes and sessions a huge success. With plenty of room to make your own notes. (PDF download)

FREE Bonus Gift 3 MMA Fitness Instructor Marketing (MP3 download): This is the definitive guide to marketing your classes on a zero or ultra-low budget. Ian Fox shows you some fascinating ways of gaining exposure and standing out from the crowd. MP3 audio would be available once certification in the programme is obtained.

Enrol On MMA Fitness NOW ONLY £116!

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

The Fox Martial Arts / Fox Fitness Team

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