Salsafit Instructor Training

SalsaFit is a fusion of Aerobics, Latin American Dance and Flamenco fused with the sultry tones of upbeat Salsa music. Best of all you don’t need a partner. Salsa classes have exploded in popularity over the last few years and there has never been a better time to qualify in such a fun and sexy workout.

It doesn’t matter if people are unfit or have never done a fitness or salsa class in their life before.

It’s easy to learn without any complicated choreography and is non-partner, which means that people can get fit and have fun without having to get up close and personal with anyone. An hour’s SalsaFit class will burn between on average 300-400 calories.

Fitness enthusiasts interested in something that is exciting and effective at burning fat will find SalsaFit perfect.

“Absolutely fantastic, it’s such a fun workout”

Sarah Fisher, Fitness Instructor


SalsaFit is very attractive to anyone who wants a great body and is keen to learn new moves without having to join a traditional dance or salsa class. SalsaFit is dance fitness fun!

Certification Process.

To gain Certification to teach the program we assess you through our Remote Assessment System which consists of 2 components:

Practical and Written

The program material covers everything you need to be able to submit your assessments to us. Provided that you have attained a 70% or more pass mark in the final written and practical assessment you will be awarded program Certification and be eligible to obtain insurance.

“”It’s a blast — My clients love it!

Mark Hanson, Aerobics and Fitness Instructor


For more details about the assessment process

Salsafit Instructor Training Course Fast Track Home Study Package.

Price Includes:

  • 1 Professional DVD (posted to your address)
  • Instructor Training Manual (PDF Download)

Course Fee is: Just £99 plus £2.95 Postage and Packaging, plus assessment fee of £35 (ordering in UK) total = £136.95

YES! Please send me my step-by-step course of becoming a “Professional Salsa Fit Instructor.”

“It’s an amazing class format!”

Rachael Johnson, Fitness Instructor


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