In 2014 Fox Training Celebrated Training It's 7,000th Instructor Globally! Since Then... They've Trained 100's More.

Welcome To Fox Training!

We offer purpose built, plug in and go courses and business opportunities for those who desire to succeed and progress in the quickest possible time.

Although we are a small company (which is the way we like it!) we are one of the world’s leading online home study instructor training provider of health and fitness courses and career opportunities for ambitious individuals, freelance Instructors, Health Clubs, Gym Owners, Primary Care Trusts, Local Health Boards, HM Prison Service, Military Wellbeing and Community Based Health Professionals Since 1994.

Fox Training have produced some of the world’s most dynamic and life changing workouts and exercise systems. including:

Mind and Body Courses (taking the best elements of ancient practices. Fused with modern mind and body techniques).

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We have worked tirelessly to simplify the complex elements without losing the essence – to create the perfect holistic fitness workout for the modern health and wellbeing professional.

Even “newbies” can greatly benefit because you need no previous experience of the programs to take any course – in other words you don’t ‘t need to have done Tai Chi to take our Tai Chi Fit course for instance —  just the enthusiasm and passion to help others find mind and body harmony.

The courses can be completed in step by step home-study online modules.

“I love Fox Training Courses, they are laid out in such detail that for even someone like me who struggles with sitting still and learning, keeps you interested. I found the lady who does the course such an inspiration, and she gave me some great feedback in my assessment of things I need work and improve on too, and gives you a real sense that they care about your success” 🙂 Kayleigh Minall

Fox Training- Simplifying the complicated!

If you want to teach holistic fitness and well-being classes but haven’t the time or money to invest in traditional training then let Fox Training provide you with the perfect solution.

We have have revolutionised holistic fitness training by bringing it into the 21st century, combining traditional elements with today’s modern fitness techniques and approaches.

You’ll find the programs simple to learn and easy to teach with adaptations available to suit any fitness level – so everyone can benefit.

Spread the inspiration in your area and help others with obesity, high blood pressure, depression, exercise, self confidence and many other ailments associated with the stresses of modern life!

  • Courses designed for the ambitious instructor, coach or individual
  • Short training duration means you can implement the program quickly.
  • Complete and easy learning online training packages.
  • Courses are designed to help you teach in your local community, giving you more control and freedom in your health and fitness business or equally great if you work for a club.
  • Affordable to suit any budget.
  • Years of experience working with local authorities, spa chains and larger organisations.
  • Fox Training is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers – Ref No: 10019627 
  • Our courses should be eligible for insurance with your provider upon certification (check with them if unsure?).