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Our Programs are NOT simply 'Training Courses' (everyone does that!) they are complete workout and exercise systems in their own right. Designed to work for YOU and help you generate more income and success. Est 1994.

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Offering Inspiring Training Courses Since 1994

We have created some of the world’s most dynamic and life changing exercise systems and Health and Fitness Programs!

We are not the same as everybody else in the Training Industry! 

What makes taking a course with Fox Training different is we really do care about our students achieving their goals, objectives and outcomes for the courses they attend. What we refer to as the ‘Course Mission’.

Unlike most other courses, which can have low completion, attention and high drop-out rates, ours are designed and delivered in such an engaging and interactive way students are fully immersed and motivated to succeed.

Plus the support is industry leading.

Course Momentum is maintained because of the way the course is designed and laid out. Plus at the end of each module completed the student (AKA YOU!) is rewarded with an email of congratulations and you also receive your module completion badge (you collect these as you go along). 

At the end of the course you trade these in for special resources such as promotional posters, social media images or helpful guides and marketing tools etc. 🎁

"I started Fox Training (formerly Fox Fitness) back in 1994 to bring the power and benefits of Mind and Body Fitness, Health and Wellness and much more to Instructors and Health professionals across the world."

Ian Fox -- Founder. 

Why Us?

Over 7,000 Trained Instructors

Fox Training are proud of the fact we have trained well over 7,000 people, from all over the world.

Professional Course Structure

The number 1 priority for our students is having an easy to  navigate learning environment.

Fully Supported

Our courses are broken down into step-by-step modules and are fully supported.

The Fox Training Course Mission

Once you have completed one of our courses you will be able to confidently offer classes, sessions and workshops to the general public. You'll understand exactly what to do and how to do it. For example, what to include in your sessions, plus you'll have all the tools, techniques, methods and processes to maximise your success. With a new certificate under your belt you'll increase your earning potential and deliver our programs with confidence. 

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All our Courses and Programs can be delivered on Zoom or other online Video Platform to your customers and clients. 

It's easy making the transition to doing sessions online and we even give you a handy guide to follow that makes the process a no-brainer. Just ask John. 



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I LOVE Fox Training Courses

“I love Fox Training Courses, they are laid out in such detail that for even someone like me who struggles with sitting still and learning, keeps you interested. I found the lady who does the course such an inspiration, and she gave me some great feedback in my assessment of things I need work and improve on too, and gives you a real sense that they care about your success” 
Kayleigh Minal

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