About Us

Who We Are!


Fox Fitness Instructor Training (also known as Fox Fitness) founded by Health and Fitness Innovator, Trainer and Coach Ian Fox, is a small fitness instructor training company that prides itself on being personal, approachable and affordable.

They offer very professional, structured and step-by-step online instructor training courses and career advancement opportunities.

Giving their clients a level of service that is rare in the industry nowadays, as many bigger companies focus on profits and reaching targets. 

Established for over 26 years!

Over the last 26 years Fox Training have trained over 7,746 students in 9 different programmes ranging from Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, to Martial Arts and Fitness. They are well known for producing high quality, high value, certificated online instructor training programmes and career opportunities with a professional support back-up system. You can be rest-assured the training you receive by us, is the best in the business. 

What We Stand For:

Fox Training mission is to treat everyone as an equal, provide the most powerful results driven training programmes, that create highly profitable and worthwhile career options for individuals and freelance health and fitness professionals worldwide.

  • COMPETENCE: We are skilled in creating and delivering training that our students love.
  • INNOVATION: We have a unique and individual approach to training and always think outside the box. 
  • PASSION: We create training programs that people will love, because we love what we do. 
  • SERVICE: We are proud to be able to say, we care about our students and their course goals.
  • SATISFACTION: We are committed to offering you great service throughout your experience with us. 
  • MOTIVATION: We Motivate you to break through your own barriers and limitations. 
  • SUCCESS: We are dedicated to YOUR Success. 

Ian Featured In YOGA Magazine (and many others)

Ian Fox has appeared in some of the tops magazines in the UK for his achievements and abilities, including YOGA Magazine. 

These include:

Cover of COMBAT and MAI (Martial Arts Illustrated)

Ian has also been featured in Health & Fitness, UltraFit, FitPro and MEN'S Fitness. As well as many others! 

  • He's also appeared on BBC Radio's Jeremy Vine Show. 
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee.
  • Author and Key Note Speaker.
  • Acclaimed Wellness, Mental Health Coach and Inspirational Teacher.

Watch Ian's Inspiring TEDx Talk

Ian gave an amazing talk called:

Inspirational Intelligence: How to Hack the Mind.

This has received international acclaim. 

TEDx only attract and accept the best speakers the world has to offer. 

Annette Du Bois (Head Coach)

Annette Du Bois is a multi Award-Winning Trainer and Business Woman with over 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry as well as a wealth of experience in business management.

Annette is the program director with Fox Training, and has trained hundreds of health and fitness professionals, therapists, coaches and individuals to enhance their lives, careers and portfolios.

She has also further developed dozens of holistic fitness programs and has appeared on TV and in the media worldwide.

She is also co-founder of CHAMPS Academy, which coaches kids and young people in confidence and emotional resilience.

Watch Annette's Acclaimed TEDx Talk

Annette gave a very inspiring talk called:

Mindfulness and confidence in the classroom!

TEDx only attract and accept the best speakers the world has to offer. 




Annette Featured In Healthy For Men (Holland & Barrett Magazine (March 2020)

Annette is a very established and well known personality having appeared on TV, Radio and in the National Media for the last few years.

These include:

The Telegraph
Mail Online
Sky News
Featured on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

Annette has over 18 years experience and a depth of knowledge few posses. 

  • Multi- Award-Winning
  • Sky Academy Ambassador
  • Key Note Speaker.
  • Sought After Coach and Teacher.