Instead Market Results….. Not Anything Else!

This is a very common mistake. Many fitness instructors assume that because they provide exercise to people as a service, this is what they should talk about in their marketing/promotional materials. However, people do not buy exercise. People only buy the results exercise offers them. Therefore talking about the results that people get by being with you should be the main focus of your marketing efforts, not the process of exercising.

When people come to you they want one thing and one thing only……


Focus on what people will get, the things that ‘juice people’ in life.

  • Better looks
  • Being more attractive, sexier!
  • More confident
  • More energy
  • Personal power
  • Etc, etc….

By keeping focused on what you can do for the client/customer you will capture their attention and they will be more interested in what you have to sell.

By Ian Fox