Huge Demand For Stress-Buster Courses

Would you like to boost your career this year and dispel your worries about the Panic-demic and all the other media brainwashing going on right now? 

Because when it comes to being successful in business or life, you have to be prepared to set goals, move obstacles and stay motivated. 

This is one of the reasons I have stayed the course in business and Fox Training (Fox Fitness if you're old skool!) is still going after all these years (since 1994 actually). 

So if you’re being gut-punched by the pandemic (and stressed -up) and need to boost your income and career… and you need more high-income programs to teach/offer your clients... then here's something for you. 

Our most popular courses right now are those that help with STRESS!

We've even had the general public call and emailing us for local classes or sessions to help with Stress. 

The Pandemic has created huge demand for Stress Programs and Coaches.

Our hugely popular courses are these:

Just click any of the above links to be taken to the course info page where you can learn more.  

So if you want to improve your life, grow your income and prospects helping people overcome Stress with one of our Life-Changing courses, now is the time to take action.

Just a few short weeks from now you could be thinking the Pandemic was actually beneficial to you as more and more clients come knocking at your door (from a Social Distance of course!). 

The choice is yours.

By the way, when you invest in one of our courses you are NOT just buying a course.  Everybody sells courses! 

We offer you an opportunity to grow your income and make a big difference in peoples lives. 

Our course delivery is second to none (we also have a convenient Mobile App for you to access the course on). Our support is world class. 

See our Trust Pilot reviews>

Hope to meet you inside the course member area. 

Above and beyond,


Ian Fox (Fox Training Founder)

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