Exploding Popularity For Mixed Martial Arts In The UK, Triggers New MMA Fitness Workout

With the increasing demand for MMA on TV, with more and more channels looking to cover it and live events taking place weekly around the country the growth of Mixed Martial Arts is staggering. As more people gain exposure to MMA and the fitness benefits, the demand for MMA Fitness trained instructors will continue to grow for those who want to enjoy the benefits of MMA without the contact and injuries.

“What the fitness industry needs is a progressive and structured MMA workout system designed for the non-martial-artist. With the emphasis on non-contact and safety for all participants,” said Ian Fox, founder of MMA Fitness Trainer, which offers MMA Fitness Instructor certification for Fitness Professionals, Martial Arts Instructors and Personal Trainers. “Understanding how to make the transition into MMA Fitness and properly teach it is essential for success.”

The training offered by the MMA Fitness Trainer is designed for fitness and martial arts professionals irrelevant of martial arts experience and offers a multi-level certificated MMA fitness training program to include the proper biomechanics, physiology and body functions of teaching and training in MMA Fitness to ensure it is accessible and safe for all participants.

About MMA Fitness Founder Ian Fox

Ian is author, teacher, and founder of Fox Fitness one of the World’s leading instructor training companies since 1994 and Fox Martial Arts, he has over 30 years high-level experience and has created numerous fitness and martial arts instructor training programs including Kick-Aerobics. Ian has trained thousands of instructors Worldwide. He has appeared on TV and is recognised as an authority on Martial Arts/Fitness. He is a renowned Martial Arts Triple Black Belt holder and Guinness World Record Breaker.

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