How To Become A Professional Kickboxing Instructor

Ian Fox talks about the Kickboxing Instructor Business Academy

I’ve been teaching and training people to become Kickboxing instructors for over 15 years now and the number one barrier for most people is the time, travel and financial investment. Taking that into account and moving into the 21st century for instructor training I now offer a fully online Kickboxing Instructor Training Course, making it more reachable and achievable for the Martial Arts enthusiast to learn the skills and systems for becoming a professional instructor.

Technology has made it so incredibly effective to produce interactive and fully supported online training, without cutting corners or lowering the standards of quality and safety.

I have created a training system that works. Its gives people the skills, tools and inspiration to become a professional Sport Kickboxing instructor or greatly improve the Martial Arts business they already have.

They don’t need to reinvent the wheel or use the trial and error method of learning, which often leads to frustration and stagnation. What’s more they don’t need to worry about traveling, accommodation or the stresses and associated costs of attending a live training course.

This is for those who want the complete turn-key system and method of achieving enduring success as a Martial Arts professional from the comfort of their own home from someone who has done it and has the track-record to prove it.

One of the things that separate the successful from the failures in Marital Arts tuition is understanding how to promote and market their services. The course goes way beyond just teaching syllabus work, although the syllabus I teach is amongst the most inspirational and motivational in the UK as well as being an integral part of the course.

One of the things that any instructor needs is repeat business and that means students coming back week in week out, beyond the rhythms and fluctuations of waning motivation and lifestyle changes. But you go much further than just the belts and grading structure, you need the other essential ingredients of success, such as student attraction, student acquisition and the all important retention.

If you want to have a real, profitable and sustainable Martial Arts business, then you need to have the right syllabus, best marketing and growth approaches, as well as understand how to maximize every facet of this unique business.

The training takes you behind the scenes of the Martial Arts instructor business industry and includes all the essential components of successful operation and execution. I wanted to give it that “business academy” feel. Where you are learning all there is to learn in a methodical step by step way.

When I first started out as an instructor I made a lot of mistakes. I still see a lot of people around who are still making the same mistakes.

And now that I’ve trained so many others, I want to help people avoid these costly mistakes. The motto for the Kickboxing Instructor Business Academy is “More Income. More Students. Less Stress.”

This is a deep dive training course into all aspects of becoming a successful Sport Kickboxing instructor. It shows you how to bring it all together to create the ultimate Martial Arts class experience that people will want to be a part of. Over the past 35+ years I have been developing, refining and priming every strategy, technique and method, having fully tested them in my own Martial Arts businesses and that of my instructors. My passion is to teach people what works and how to transform their Martial Arts business into a profitable business asset.

To cut a long story short, you won’t find an easier or better way to become a Sport Kickboxing instructor or improve your existing Martial Arts business than when you sign up to the Kickboxing Instructor Business Academy course.

35 Years of High-Level Experience.

I have operated big organisations with more than 2,000 students and a 25 strong team of instructors. Nowadays, at nearly 50 years of age, I want to encapsulate my lifetime worth of experience of Martial Arts instruction into one dynamic and powerful program anyone can use to take a giant leap forward in their life.

You could call it my Martial Arts Instructor legacy if you like. In the old days I used to control everything quite heavily and have people sign drawn out contracts and be restricted to geographical areas. Not with the KIBA course. It’s more user friendly, intuitive and adaptable.

It’s a treasure trove of knowledge based on more 35 years’ worth of experience and direct Martial Arts business acumen. It’s nothing less than my legacy to the most ambitious and dedicated men and women who desire to become highly-successful Martial Arts teachers of the future from all over the UK and world.

History of KIBA Kickboxing Instructor Training Course.

Although KIBA officially launched in Nov 2013, it does represent a lifetime of experience and dedication, and following an initial fairly low-level promotion, uptake has been very encouraging to say the least. Having said that, I always keep numbers low to maintain support and keep that personal feel to it, even though it’s delivered online.

I have a small but dedicated support team who are there to make sure our members are kept happy. The way the course is structured and delivered makes it incredibly easy for people to understand, assimilate and apply. 99% of the time our members pick things up very quickly. However, we are here to help anyone with additional questions and offer training support.

One of the principles I teach is that successful instructors are always thorough in their approach to training, service, communication and teaching, this is certainly true for the professional Martial Arts instructor. In the spirit of this, and because the KIBA course represents a tremendous opportunity, I’m going to be quite thorough in what the training includes and what people can expect to attain upon completion.

Kickboxing Instructor Training Re-Defined.

The truth is, other than the lots of paying student pre-supposition, there are two things you need to experience success. The first is knowledge and how to obtain it and the second is the dedication to acquire and apply such knowledge. That is what this course is all about. If people have the dedication, the KIBA training course will give them the knowledge.

In all honesty I don’t believe there’s a “world’s best Martial Arts instructor,” any more than there is a “world’s best footballer” or “world’s best fighter.” Yes, we can debate there are many outstanding practitioners and high-level players.

The truth is though, accolades and praise are born out the creative process and knowledge and skills one acquires and applies in a chosen field of endeavour. There are techniques and methods I have developed for triggering excellent results. The KIBA course gives people access and training in the skills and systems that augment the components on which Martial Arts Instructor success is furnished.

The course helps people achieve unparalleled consistency in their ability to produce great results as a Sport Kickboxing instructor because it not only gives them the training, but also an impressive array of marketing tools, tips and templates they can easily use and follow.

It’s like having the exact next steps mapped out that will act as a road map and compass for having a successful Sport Kickboxing business. There are numerous things that I have never revealed before inside this course about being a successful instructor. It’s my proprietary formula for becoming an outstanding and successful Sport Kickboxing instructor in your area.

The Martial Arts and Fitness Association (MAFA)

The purpose of MAFA is to bring together a unique combination of credibility and inspiration for Martial Arts and Fitness instructors. MAFA is rapidly growing and we are getting more contacts from other industry bodies who want to be associated with us as we grow. It is not a lobbying body or stuffy organisation, our main aim to help our members grow their Martial Arts or Fitness business.

Over many years of teaching more than 6,587 instructors through Fox Martial Arts and Fox Fitness, one thing has been more prevalent than anything else and that is 99% of people struggle with their marketing and business skills. Virtually all instructors did not start their business because they liked marketing; they did so because it met many of their other values.

That is totally understandable, but in business you can only survive and thrive in direct proportion to the number of customers you get through the door and that keep coming back.

To really succeed you need good systems in place and to work with other people to make any business succeed long-term. People often think with a “small business” mindset, but you can’t allow your small business to keep you small minded. That’s another reason why I created MAFA to provide business, marketing, support tools and resources for ambitious professionals, no matter how long they’ve been in business.

Also joining me in MAFA is author of ‘Big Profit Thinking to Stop Your Small Business Sinking’ Annette Du Bois who is a leading business coach and mentor as well as a renowned health, wellness and fitness entrepreneur; she has developed many ground-breaking programmes and is the founder of CHAMPS Kids Confidence Coaching Academy.

She has a proven track record for achieving outstanding results and business development. Annette is also proud to be on the Guardian Newspaper panel of business experts.

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