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Copywriter Course

But first…what does a Copywriter do exactly?

It’s simple really….a copywriter is able to make words convince, compel and sell for their clients. They add a level of succinctness and readability to content – make words flow and gently caress the buying sensors – articulate the messages so they are easier to read than to skip and extract the nuggets of gold from otherwise boring copy.

Today this applies to all online (and offline) activities in business, such as websites, sales pages, emails, social media, ads, or anything where the written word needs convince and persuade. And offline such as with promotional or sales literature of all types.  

But, I don’t have any writing talent you might be thinking?

Don’t worry you don’t need any because we’re going to train you how to be a professionally paid and in-demand Copywriter. Because the systems we have created eliminates the need for you to be skilled.

You simply follow a step-by-step training system along with my our support and help. Having said that he course will  train you in the art of writing great copy, even if you zero experience to start.

But the training and system is a real no-brainer!

Picture this:

You are not governed by an alarm clock to awake you each morning. You set your own hours. You get up when you like and plan your day just how you like it. You can choose who you take on as a client and get paid well for what you do.

That is what life could be like as a freelance writer.

If you’d like to get paid to write copy, then this course is for you.

When you look around… you’ll see there’s content everywhere! Almost ALL websites have some content and many websites have content-rich blogs. And business owners are always looking to maximise the communications they have with their customers and prospects, on their websites and in email.

Even “offline” businesses need content to effectively communicate with prospects and customers.

The truth is, content is KING (even in the digital age.. such as Social Media, Video scripts, email and all sorts of other word based promotions). Good copywriters are always in high-demand!

There is plenty of profitable copywriting opportunities available… for those who have the right training and guidance (which we’ll help you get via this course).

Are you ready to become a professional freelance copywriter?

Where you can make an excellent income without working long hours or having to commute?

We’ve put the entire training program “online” so you can access it on your computer anytime you like.

      • No bulky course papers or materials
      • Learn at your own pace
      • No need to travel anywhere
      • Online training videos with printable lessons
      • Tutor support
      • Secure members area
      • Certificated by Fox Training 

Course Syllabus:

You’ll receive 14 online, printable training modules (PDF format), which sometimes contain video, audio material and presentations you can watch and learn from to enhance your learning. Each module has been purposefully designed to be content rich, yet short enough to enable you to really grasp it in easy bite-sized chunks.

At the end of each module you’ll find a valuable and simple assignment to complete. These are for you to complete on your own – which will really solidify what you’ve learnt. 

Here’s a snap shot of just some of the things you’ll learn in each module:

Module #1:

        • A personal message from Ian Fox audio to listen to that’ll inspire and motivate you as you begin your training
        • Guidelines helpful tips and advice to help you get organised prior to starting your Copywriter Business
        • Introduction of the S.Y.S.T.E.M (audio)
        • Why Copywriting is one of the best industries to be in
        • How to manage, organise and systemise your learning schedule
        • How to have fun and build a freedom lifestyle
        • 10-step “Starters Checklist”

Module #2:

        • Learn what 95% of copywriters don’t know when writing copy
        • 7 Steps to Writing Great Copy
        • How to achieve a great work/life balance
        • And much more

Module #3:

        • Video presentation – how to write a great headline
        • The formula (A.I.D.A) for writing copy that sells. A complete breakdown for you to understand and follow
        • Why word pictures will help you write better copy
        • The Four Pillars of a successful copywriter
        • Business Essentials
        • Simple goal setting for you to complete
        • And much more

Module #4:

        • Video presentation – Ian Fox reveals The Secret Copywriting Method!
        • See actual samples of sales letters Ian Fox has written for clients to fully understand the components that make up a great sales letter
        • And much more

Module #5:

        • Video presentation – learn the pain and pleasure of copywriting and using language patterns in copy
        • How to use persuasive language in copy – you’ll have great fun with this
        • Advice on how to master your skills
        • Follow this one tip on getting organised for maximum effect
        • And much more

Module #6:

        • Online copywriting case study presentation – Ian Fox breaks down a Yellow Pages advert he wrote for a client so you can really understand and learn the process. You can watch it again and again to really solidify your learning
        • Video presentation discussing which is best – short or long copy to use
        • How to write a great headline
        • Powerful response inducers
        • 10 ways to maximise your efforts as a Freelance copywriter
        • And much more

Module #7:

        • Online copywriting case study – Ian Fox breaks down a sales letter he wrote for an events company so you understand all the components required to write a great sales letter
        • The Copywriters Checklist
        • The 4 levels of copywriting competence
        • And much more

Module #8:

        • Online copywriting case study – Ian Fox breaks down a landing page (website sales page). Here you’ll learn how writing a sales letter and a website sales page are surprisingly similar
        • Online presentation – The Client Fulfilment Process. From Prospect to Client. Complete guidance on what happens when a prospect gets in touch
        • Copywriting Checklist
        • Mock Assignment – Copywriting Case Study – for you to follow
        • And much more

Module #9:

        • Video – demonstrates the power of belief. Simple yet very effective!
        • The ‘I am ABLE to succeed!’ formula
        • Simple marketing strategies and initiatives for your business
        • And much more

Module #10:

        • Video presentation – How to get clients
        • A sample telephone enquiry script – how to effectively handle the ‘how much do you charge?’ question for a successful outcome
        • Sending your prospect a quote on email – a complete breakdown and template for you to use
        • Online presentation. The Client Agreement Process
        • From modules #10-#14 you’ll learn new steps in building a personal and effective Marketing Action Plan for your Freelance Copywriter business. Invaluable! Steps 1 & 2 covered in this module

Module #11:

        • Ian Fox’s personal copywriting process
        • 8 persuasion patterns that can skyrocket your copywriting skills
        • Video presentation – How to become a great copywriter
        • Marketing Action Plan – Steps 3 & 4
        • Mock Assignment – Copywriting Case Study – learn how to write a small Yellow Pages advert

Module #12:

        • Video presentation – How to get clients (part 2)
        • How images can enhance your clients copy and the best places to source free and paid for images for great results
        • Networking guidelines to promote your business
        • More organisational tips to help you improve your work/life balance
        • Marketing Action Plan – Steps 5 & 6
        • And much more

Module #13

        • A typical fee schedule for you to use as a guideline
        • How to ask the right client questions for your copywriting project (piece you’re writing)
        • Mind focusing questions to ask before you write copy
        • Copywriting layout sample format templates
        • Anatomy of a sales letter
        • More actual samples of copy Ian Fox wrote for you to learn from
        • Marketing Action Plan – Steps 7 & 8
        • And much more

Module #14:

        • Video – covers what to do about missing a client’s deadline
        • Online presentation – 3 Surefire Steps to Success
        • Bringing all your training together
        • Marketing Action Plan – Steps 9 & 10
        • And much more

Assessment Assignment:

In order to gain your Copywriter Course Certificate you are required to complete an assignment and submit it to be assessed by us.

Everything you need to complete this has been previously covered and is contained in your training modules so you’ll know exactly what to do.



*Can end at any time. 

Price Includes:

  • All the Modules explained above.
  • 12 Months Access To The Course Members Area
  • Online audios and videos (where relevant)
  • Market Your Copywriter Service (includes a short salesletter/email and a selection of Social Media Graphics)

YES! Please enrol me on the step-by-step course for becoming a “Professional Copywriter” right now, so I can learn how to start, run and grow my very own Copywriting Business! 

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*Price does not include certificartion assessment at £49.

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