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Imagine If You Could Become A Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher/Coach in ONE GO - In ONE Course!   

Well, Now You Can With Ian Fox's Licensed 'INTEGRATED QIGONG® Coach Training Course

The Ultimate fusion of Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation in ONE SUPER Training Course. Ian Fox's Masterpiece of Mind/Body Health and Wellness Inside Out!    

The Ultimate Mind-Body Energiser And Life-Changer!

The Only Professional ‘Integrated Qigong®’ Instructor/Coach Training Program That Shows You All You Need to Know.

You’ll be ready to run your own classes, sessions and workshops after you experience the worlds most effective Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation training system.

Read on for the single key to phenomenal mind-body power and your exciting life and career boosting opportunity...

Definition: Ian Fox's Integrated Qigong® combines the ancient practice of Qigong (Chi Kung) to support optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing combined with Mindfulness, Practical Meditations and modern Coaching techniques, creating the ULTIMATE package for any forward-thinking Coach, Therapist, Healer or Wellness Professional.

Full Training Package

Learn everything you need to become a successful Integrated Qigong® Coach. 

Integrated Qigong®

An incredible blend of Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation in ONE AMAZING Course.  

Pull the Plug on Negativity

This allows you the tools and techniques so all your concerns and troubles sink away forever.

Boost Your Health

Generate Oceans of Qi and Chill giving you the power to fight back against illness.

As Featured In/On:

Here’s Your Perfect Opportunity To Become A Coach/Instructor

  • The ultimate and professional ‘'Integrated Qigong'®’ Coach/Instructor training program in the UK that shows you all you need to know.
  • You’ll be ready to run your own ‘Integrated Qigong®’ courses, classes and training sessions after you experience the worlds most dynamic mind & body system.
  • Make the connection... release the energy... feel the surge of joyous health-giving power as you transform your body, your mind, and your life... starting now.
  • You’ll be ready for anything the very first time you experience the world’s most dynamic, ground-breaking and ONLY course that fuses Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation into ONE super package.

Feel Alive!

The first time you experience ‘Integrated Qigong®’ you’ll be feeling healthier, fitter, more powerful and more at peace than ever before.

You’ll feel more alive, pumped up, inspired, and ‘present’ as the healing life-energy rises inside you... a little more each time.

How can we be so sure?

Because everyone who has taken this course... report some amazing personal breakthroughs and results.

For example:

  • Banished fatigue
  • Less lethargy and
  • Stress Reduction
  • A new sense of relaxation and well being.

Best of all, they report a new and potent energy inside, flowing through all the channels (‘meridians’) of their bodies.

They have more passion, purpose and clarity in their lives.

They can see how this fits into their career and ambitions. 

You can feel this health-giving, health-boosting, health-protecting energy too, streaming through and strengthening your own body and mind - within a matter of days.

You can also look forward to being more alert, more energised and more physically powerful. You’ll get a strong sense of inner well-being too, as past problems and limitations slip away. 

“A major body-mind, health and wellness breakthrough never seen before”

It’s called ‘Integrated Qigong®’ and it really is a new (never seen before) dimension in body and mind empowerment. Incorporating 3 AMAZING systems: Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation

Not only does it give you the perfect solution when you want to boost your energy, vitality and inner-peace, fast. It’s also a complete, super-energising program for your mind, body and soul - that promotes and protects excellent, enduring health.

It’s ideal whether you need to fill yourself with healing, toxin-flushing, feel-good energy... or simply refresh yourself after a hard day at work.

It’s simple to learn, simple to do and truly inspiring to teach. And best of all: you get MASSIVE personal and professional payback.

You’ll discover how easy it is to draw down extra energy flows, and feel powerful forces coursing through your body... promoting health, strength and maximum mental clarity.

Your clients and customers WILL Love what you are giving them.

‘Integrated Qigong®’ combines the best of the great ancient energy-building arts with the best of modern Mindfulness practice.

Its the only course of its kind in the World… that gives you so much!

  • In fact you’ll understand how professional it is the moment it begins…as the techniques, structure and great content reveal themselves to you.
  • Everyone who has attended this program has been impressed by it’s delivery, organisation and design.
  • This is totally new to anything you’ve likely experienced before and unlike any other certificated instructors course that you have ever heard about or done.

As a ‘Integrated Qigong®' Coach you get exclusive training and support in how to run your courses/workshops/sessions and make them work!

Here’s more of what you are getting:

  • A complete ‘turn-key’ system of how to run ‘‘Integrated Qigong®, courses and sessions for the general public and make them a  success.
  • Access to our hugely impressive members training area (members words not ours!)
  • Support guides and written explanations of each exercise and technique to ensure you totally get what you are doing and never feel lost. 
  • Process Maps and Blueprints making your learning and application easier. 

More about the incredible ‘Integrated Qigong®' system

The whole course is uniquely structured to stimulate and unleash your personal ‘Qi/Chi’ energy - the energy of life and health - and get it flowing vigorously around your body... healing, strengthening, and re-energising you in every area.

Plus with the added elements of Mindfulness and Meditation it can’t help but change your life for the better and of those who you attract to your sessions after you are certificated (more about this later!). 

A profound and seamless combination of the world’s greatest Mind and Body systems all in one!

Only Ian Fox's Integrated Qigong® gives you a profound and seamless fusion of not 1 but 3 life-changing systems:

1 - The ancient Chinese Art of Qigong (‘energy-work’). Among the many positive benefits Qigong is seen as one of the best ill-health preventative activities. According to Chinese medicine, sickness, pain and other health problems are caused when 'Qi' energy is blocked inside the body. With regular practice a feeling of tranquillity, serenity and clarity is experienced. This is a powerful, practical and unique program for eliminating stress, tension and negativity. The program centres around developing inner calmness, improving Energy and creating deeper body connection, producing an infusion of inspiration and vitality on many levels.

This is the system Chinese masters believe opens all the energy gates of the body - as well as being the true fountain of youth, helping thousands of practitioners preserve their health, flexibility and glowing vitality into their 80s, 90s and beyond.

2 - The timeless power and enlightenment of Mindfulness. This powerful series of exercises and techniques is designed to bring Present Moment Awareness into your everyday experience and dissolve stress and mental blockages. 

3 - The incredible benefit of Meditation. Meditation simply means ‘awareness’ and is most profound for quietening the mind of incessant thought.

Collectively they soothe the body, calm the mind and boost immunity (to cope with and enhance recovery from pre-existing and new health challenges).

Specific Outcome

You’ll learn and practice 8 laser-focused Modules to develop the 'INTEGRATED QIGONG'® Coaching formula, making them easy to learn and integrate in your personal coaching style.

You'll find it easy to get, do and understand. But above all you will LOVE Coaching/teaching it.

*Even if you teach Mindfulness or Meditation already this will be SO helpful for you and your customers, etc.

In ‘Integrated Qigong®’ they come together beautifully. But this extraordinary system could never have been created without decades of dedicated research and painstaking practice by a truly extraordinary Mind/Body energy master.

Ian Fox - Eastern Arts Master, Leading International Trainer, and Founder of Fox Training

Ian is a leading Martial Arts Master with Black Belts in 3 martial arts.  He is also a Master of Reiki and Sekhem, Mindfulness and Zen expert, and an internationally respected, record holding Health and Wellness trainer.

To begin with, he’s one of the very few people to have practised Qigong, Mindfulness, Meditation and the martial arts at the highest levels for well over 40 years.

His travels have taken him all over the world, to train with top Mystics, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga and other mind-body energy gurus. 

By winning the confidence of the ‘hidden’ masters, he has learned many previously unrevealed techniques and principles... often digging out secrets that have been confined to just a handful of initiates in each generation.

Ian is also one of the great innovators of today’s scientific exercise systems. He’s  trained countless professional groups including Medical staff, Military, Police, and corporations with his mind/body systems and health and fitness programs.

You may even have seen Ian in the press, or on TV. He’s been on Breakfast TV, Channel 4’’, BBC’s Record Breakers (when he powered his way into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s fastest kicker) and countless other programs and commercials.

Ian is joined by renowned Wellness and Well-being Thought Leader Annette Du Bois 


Annette Du Bois is a renowned Award-Winning Master-Trainer and Mind/Body Expert with a unique combination of skills, credentials and experience.

Annette has excelled at developing her own unique Yin style of Qigong and has over 19 years Mind/Body training. 

She is the head-trainer with Fox Training. 

Ian demonstrates the Qigong Evening Routine. You will learn this on Module 03 of the training. 

Now, let Ian and Annette show you how to unleash your own Qi energy... and become a professional ‘‘Integrated Qigong®' Coach/Instructor... on this fantastic one-of-a-kind 6 Week Online course.

Ian Fox has spent a lifetime fine-tuning the ‘‘Integrated Qigong®’ program.  Every detail has been perfected, to give you the express route to unlocking your dynamic inner energy as well as giving you a major boost to your career and income.

With the ‘Integrated Qigong®' we believe there are 6 Main Blockages that prevent the flow of Qi and affect Optimal Health

We cover these in-depth on the training. 

Blockage #1:      Emotions

Emotional imbalance plays a huge part in the health of our Minds and Bodies and acts as a dam in the river of the flow of Qi. This module includes effective exercises and techniques to help with Emotional barriers 

Blockage #2:  Communication

Communication both internal and external is at the heart of the Human condition. Most people however, have deep rooted negative or reactive based language and thinking patterns that hold them back. 

Blockage #3: Sleep/Relaxation

Lack of sleep and not being able to properly relax can have a big impact on overall health and wellbeing. Create deep levels of relaxation and inner-energy awareness through special Integrated Qigong exercises and techniques. 

Blockage #4: Injury & Illness

When we are sick or have an injury it blocks the flow of Qi in our bodies, limiting energy, health and our mental/physical equilibrium. By practising Integrated Qigong, Qi is used to aid the healing process and boost immunity.

Blockage #5: Digital & Media

It may sound odd but over consumption of Digital Technology (such as Social Media, News, Entertainment etc.) and TV/Streaming Media (Netflix, Prime etc.) can pollute and create blockages in the flow of Qi. Dopamine Detox!

Blockage #6: Nutrition & Qi Foods

Integrated Qigong is not about telling people what to eat. More educating them how to create more Qi inside their body from the food they choose to consume. However, a poor diet is a big Qi energy blockage. 

The Perfect Life and Career Boost

We have built the 'INTEGRATED QIGONG' Coaching system® around the 6 Blockages and you will learn a bespoke framework to offer courses based around an 8 week timeframe*, which you would teach to the general public. 

How to do this is covered in-depth on the training.

As a fully licensed and certificated NTEGRATED QIGONG® Coach you will have the complete course delivery process and infrastructure for an 8 week* course.  

*You can offer different duration options for your public courses and workshops, but the main framework we use is around an 8-week course. This allows optimal value for your customers and you. 

‘Integrated Qigong®' can be practised safely by everyone, regardless of age or present level of experience. Throughout the program, you can choose to follow the full movement, or substitute a beginners’ alternative that lets you build up Qi levels, mental resilience and meditation giving you the confidence you can learn at your own pace.

All you have to do is follow Ian and Annette.

Then you’ll feel the superabundance of life energy spiralling inside you - building up stronger every day - transforming your body, your mind, and every situation you turn your attention to.

 While you also feel a deep sense of inner peace and personal satisfaction. 

But this goes much, much further than just having another qualification under your belt; this can transform your life, your income, and your future.

OK, let's look at how the Training is broken down:


The first step is you’ll learn all the fundamentals of 'INTEGRATED QIGONG’® Coaching System, including the methods, infrastructure and framework. This gives you the highest level of training to enable you to become a successful coach/teacher.


When you have taken the Online Training Modules, you will then take the online assessment (which is fully explained inside the training) and get certification. Becoming a Certified and Licensed ‘Integrated Qigong®' Coach. 


When you have passed the course and been awarded your license  certification we will give you some helpful Marketing Resources (such as a Poster Template, and Social Media Images) to help you start your sessions. 


You will get totally professional and transformational online training with Master Ian Fox and renowned trainer and coach Annette Du Bois. 

There are 6 weekly educational and interactive training modules which have an associated self-assessment at the end of each one, plus you get support from our dedicated and experienced training team when and where required.

Plus you get access to our massively helpful and supportive ONLINE COURSE MEMBERS COMMUNITY via the members area (much better than a distracting Facebook Group). 😉


The opportunity to become a ‘Integrated Qigong®' is open to anyone. 

Get Started Immediately. Access Welcome Video and Module 01. 

You don't need any previous coaching or Qigong experience to do this.

The Investment:

Imagine for a second paying for three separate professional training courses for Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation. You'd be talking in the thousands.

But this unique and exclusive training is just a modest fee of £399 per year (or just £141.33 a month for 3 months if paying by instalments?) and includes the 8-module (over 6 weeks with weeks 5 and 6 having double Modules included) online training as outlined above. 

Also includes your 1st years coaching license. 

Pay in One Go!


Save £25 a Year


Easy Monthly Instalments

£141.33 x 3

£25 extra


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