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Salsafit (Salsa Dance) Instructor Training Course

Course Outcome:

Once you have completed this course you will be able to confidently teach Salsa Fit Dance classes  to the general public and your clients. You'll understand exactly how to structure and deliver a full class, including warm ups and progression. For example, what to include in your classes, and how to teach safely and effectively.  

SalsaFit is a fusion of Aerobics, Latin American Dance and Flamenco fused with the sultry tones of upbeat Salsa music.

Best of all you don’t need a partner. Salsa classes have exploded in popularity over the last few years and there has never been a better time to qualify in such a fun and sexy workout.

It’s easy to learn without any complicated choreography and is non-partner, which means that people can get fit and have fun without having to get up close and personal with anyone. An hour’s SalsaFit class will burn between on average 300-400 calories.

Fitness enthusiasts interested in something that is exciting and effective at burning fat will find SalsaFit perfect.

SalsaFit is very attractive to anyone who wants a great body and is keen to learn new Dance moves without having to join a traditional dance or salsa class. 

Having a qualification in ‘SalsaFit®’ would be really beneficial to your career and business... plus think about all the fun that you’ll have! Salsa classes have exploded in popularity over the last few years, but now you can enjoy the benefits and perks that come from purchasing the Salsa Fit course.

Stop Wasting Time Trying To Create The Ideal Dance Workout. When The Perfect Salsa – Fitness Combination program is Here!

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some fitness classes work - while others fall flat on their face. You could spend money on course after course and still feel like you’re no further forward in your career.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right salsa class format or wasting any more money on courses that cost a lot but give a little! You can now have it all inside our inspiring workout ‘SalsaFit®’.

“Absolutely fantastic, it’s such a fun workout”.

Sarah Fisher, Fitness Instructor

Easy To Learn Course

Our course is designed for you to learn quickly and is delivered in a step-by-step, easy to pick up structure.

Step-By-Step Course Format

Includes some of the most popular Salsa moves, that excite and ignite people's passion for dance.

Course Duration

The course duration is 6 Weeks with a Module released every week. Or Access All Modules at once when paying upfront.

The workout is structured into various 'no-brainer' sections including:

  • Warm up
  • Moving/flowing stretch
  • Cardiovascular section
  • Cool down
  • Fiesta!
  • And much more!

SalsaFit is very attractive to anyone who wants a great body and is keen to learn new moves without having to join a traditional dance or salsa class.

SalsaFit is dance fitness fun!

Get ready to teach ‘SalsaFit®’…the ultimate sexy salsa dance (non partner) fitness workout! And inject passion and fun into your fitness career.

This course gives you the complete plug in and go formula for starting classes in Salsa based fitness and makes it easier for you to add another exciting element to your classes and sessions. 

Which Of These Powerful Benefits Do You Want For Your Fitness Career?:

  • Increased revenue and higher income.

  • More Passion in what you teach.

  • Have more fun.

  • The ability to satisfy the needs of your customers/clients and move forward with industry trends.

  • The ability to teach something fun, and different.

“It’s an amazing class format!”

Rachael Johnson, Fitness Instructor 

Course Curriculum

How Our Remote Assessment System Works

To gain Certification to teach the program we assess you through our Remote Assessment System which consists of 2 components:

1) Practical (Video):
You are required to teach one other person or a small group* the assessment routine that is provided with the course. We assess you based on a certain criteria (you’ll receive a copy of the assessment form with your program so you know what we’re looking for), such as safety, good execution and overall ability to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the program. The benefits to you mean you don’t have to spend time or money away from your schedule to attend any assessment day, etc. We want to make it as easy and straightforward for you to become certificated.

*During the lockdown we have amended this requirement to reflect the current Social Distancing policy. All will be explained inside the members area. 

2) Written:
Write out a session plan, specific to the course you are doing (this will be fully explained). This must be in your own words of how you would personally plan, including coaching and safety points based on teaching a 1 hour class once a week covering such things as your teaching notes, adaptations and anything else to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the program.

Everything is covered in the program including filming guidelines and what we’re looking for. You can submit your filmed assessment on digital video and load it up to Filemail.com or on YouTube (set to private, if preferred?). Your written assessment can be emailed in a word.doc or PDF. 

Pass Rates: Provided that you have attained a 70% or more pass mark in the final written and practical assessment you will be awarded program Certification and be eligible to obtain insurance. 

The program material covers (fully explains) everything you need to be able to submit your assessments to us.


You get access to the course for 12 months, but we like to really focus on a completion timeline (usually 6 weeks) to keep motivation and momentum going ;-)

YES! Please enrol me on the step-by-step course of becoming a 'SALSAFIT' instructor with Fox Training right now, so I can learn how to start, run and grow my own Salsa Fitness classes and sessions. 

Price Includes:

  • Access to the Online Course for 1 year
  • Professionally Filmed Instruction Videos Covering Everything You Need
  • Full Instruction Guides, Notes and Information.
  • Includes Assessment and Certification
  • Market Your Classes Kit (includes downloadable A4 poster, Flyer and Social Media Announcements). Released upon successful pass. 

Payment Option 01


Save £25. Access ALL Modules at Once.


Payment Option 02


For 3 Months*


*Applicable to Option 02 only. Additional admin charge of £25 for instalments option. We will not be able to award certification until final payment is received.

What Our Customers Say...

“It’s a blast — My clients love it!”

M Hanson, Fitness Instructor.