If you or a family member has Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes or recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic then you know the need for some drastic lifestyle changes. It can be a constant worry about what to eat and drink to make sure blood sugar levels are managed.

This often feels like everything revolves around this constant monitoring, making a simple dinner date or family get-together a real pain.

Some diabetic medications can have unpleasant side effects that cause good intentions for a consistent exercise regime and strict eating rules to take a back seat whilst every effort is focused on simply functioning through each day.

It’s unpleasant and the weight of it falls heavy on your shoulders as you realise the extent your life has to change because of this disease. Regular visits to the doctors, pin pricks, strip tests, medication changes and the inability to get on with life because of these.

Surprising Natural Complements To Help You

When going through the turmoil of emotion, lifestyle changes and following medical advice, you may not have considered the huge benefit some natural methods can have on helping you better manage your Diabetes. These are simple everyday things you can easily include and because they’re all natural there are no side-effects or concerns they’ll affect your current medication. In fact they can complement and enhance your energy levels to feel better, more often.

Tip #1: Increase Brown Fat.

It sounds a bit strange as we’re constantly advised to reduce fat in our diet and if you’ve never heard of this, you’re not alone. Despite what we’re told, not all fat is bad! Brown fat is the intelligent and good fat our body needs to improve insulin sensitivity and control glucose. Best of all, you only need 30 seconds a day to increase your brown fat levels that doesn’t involve any special diet, fitness regime or anything like that.

Tip #2: Don’t Eat Another Meal Without These Herbs!

Not only does Rosemary and Oregano enhance the flavour of your food, they have also been found to have natural compounds which can aid in the management of diabetes. Now you can bring back the excitement to your food and finally be creative again by experimenting with these herbs and help you manage your diabetes.

Tip #3: Take a Breath and Relax.

Whilst diabetes relates to insulin and blood sugar levels – the things we usually just consider as physical – stress levels and unmanaged emotions can highly affect symptoms of diabetes. Did you know continuous levels of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, and cause pre-diabetes diagnosis or increase the severity of the condition?

A technique that instantly reduces stress is belly breathing. Try this…

• In a safe place, sit or stand quietly and place your hands around your belly.
• Breathe in slowly through your nose, and feel your belly expand into your hands a little.
• Slowly breathe out through your mouth – controlling it as your hands follow your belly back in.
• Repeat a few times allowing tension and stress to drift away.
• If you feel uncomfortable or light headed with this deeper breathing pattern, try 1 deeper breath and a few natural breaths until you feel more comfortable.


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