Tai Chi Fit Instructor Training.

The Ultimate East Meets West Non-Traditional Tai Chi Based Fitness Class for all ages.

"Finally Available: The Ultimate Tai Chi Based Fitness Program You Can Teach To Bring In Numerous More Clients and More Income Without The Jargon, Complexity and Need For
Years of Study."

Take This Course And Start Running Your Own Tai Chi Fit Classes and Workshops in a Few Short Weeks!

Today more than ever before, more and more health and fitness enthusiasts are turning their attention to holistic mind and body exercises. For many there is a desire to end the high impact routines and bone jarring exertions in favour of more relaxing and graceful exercises.

Plus with Mental Health problems on the increase demand for this type of class has exploded.

Ian Fox is well-known for creating workouts that uniquely boost mental and physical performance, which are presented in a way that’s fascinating, educational, and experiential, and that penetrates deep into your learning pool for dramatic increases in your workout experience and fitness classes. And Tai Chi Fit is no exception!

Easy To Learn System

Our course is designed for you to learn quickly and is delivered in a step-by-step, easy to pick up structure.

Clear Easy to Follow Instructions

Tai Chi Fit is not complicated or full of jargon. We'll teach you our proven system and how to teach with Confidence. 

Course Duration

The course duration is 6 Weeks with a Module released every week. Or Access All Modules at once when paying upfront.

What is Tai Chi Fit?

Tai Chi Fit is an innovative, dynamic and motivating mind/body fitness concept based on the timeless practice of T’ai Chi, fused with the latest fitness trends to stimulate the mind and body. It’s a sequence of choreographed rhythmic and synchronised movements taken from many styles of T’ai Chi, which are then performed in a flowing motion to powerful music (this is not an aerobics type class though). Music is used to accompany the energy of the moves, not as movement-to-music.

On the course you learn a routine (or class structure) that you teach to your class members over a period of weeks or months (they learn a bit each week). This culminates in them eventually learning a full routine (or what we call a Tai Chi Fit short-form). They then practice each week or whenever they attend a class and go through the form (routine).

Our Tai Chi Fit course is a great, and very popular class concept and program that instructors and participants absolutely love.

The online course is very easy to learn and navigate through, it’s video based (broken into sections) fully backed and supported with a very comprehensive instructor training manual, which can be downloaded to your device or printed off if needed.

It’s very easy to learn and pick up step-by-step. We give you a full Tai Chi Fit routine to teach which progresses each week. Your participants would learn a new move or element to the routine each week (this is an excellent tool for keeping people coming back) and then eventually do the entire routine. Interestingly, people never get bored because they seem to lose themselves in the routine itself, we often refer to this as a moving meditation ;-).

The course gives you everything you need to offer a group or private-client based class.

The feedback we get from this course is awesome, participants love it… instructors are filling classes week after week.

How Tai Chi Can Benefit You!

Traditionally t’ai chi formed a component of Chinese medicine and it is widely appreciated to increase strength and promote a deep feeling of calm and harmony by improving the flow of internal energy (or qi) throughout the body.

Reduces Stress, Promotes Inner Peace.

It is the calming, meditative aspect of t’ai chi that makes it particularly useful for reducing stress and anxiety. People who practice Tai Chi Fit regularly state it improves their sense of well-being.

Some of the Many Benefits…

As an exercise form, Tai Chi fit benefits the entire mind and body:

• Increases muscle strength
• Enhances balance and flexibility
• Promotes vitality and inner health
• Cleanses the body of toxins
• Balances the emotions through breathing exercises
• Improves posture
• Releases stress, creates tranquillity and enhances personal creativity.
• Enhances the performance of the internal organs and immune system.
• It strengthens the mind and calms the emotions.

People who practice Tai Chi Fit are also said to make the most of the strength of yin (the earth) and the energy of yang (the heavens) through exercises designed to express these forces in balanced and harmonious form.

Experience Complete Vitality…

You’ll learn how to increase your own levels of energy and help others to reduce their stress and enjoy a calmer lifestyle.

7 Reasons You Should Invest In This Course:

  1. Improve your health and the lives of others
  2. Teach a non-traditional form of T’ai Chi quickly, easily and safely
  3. Expand your health and fitness business to attract more seniors
  4. Complement your existing classes
  5. Modify the amount of high impact classes you teach
  6. An alternative to exercise classes for different ages, sizes and abilities
  7. Gain a professional certificate in this t’ai chi based programme

Tai Chi for the Modern Fitness Environment

Fox Training's ‘Tai Chi Fit’ is easy to learn and apply to your classes and personal fitness experience.

It is highly practical and not ‘overly’ philosophical. It’s Practical – Powerful – Sensible!

We have seen exceptional growth and interest in ‘Tai Chi Fit’ over the last few years (with a continuing upward trajectory) and we are now offering you a special opportunity to become a qualified instructor.

Adding a lucrative and ultimate Tai Chi type class experience.

Now is the time to shift gear and offer Tai Chi Fit to your customers and clients. 

Classes are filling up across the country and you can join in the new era of success. 

Don't get left behind. 




Course Curriculum

How Our Remote Assessment System Works

To gain Certification to teach the program we assess you through our Remote Assessment System which consists of 2 components:

1) Practical (Video):
You are required to teach one other person or a small group* the assessment routine that is provided with the course. We assess you based on a certain criteria (you’ll receive a copy of the assessment form with your program so you know what we’re looking for), such as safety, good execution and overall ability to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the program. The benefits to you mean you don’t have to spend time or money away from your schedule to attend any assessment day, etc. We want to make it as easy and straightforward for you to become certificated.

2) Written:
Write out a session plan, specific to the course you are doing (this will be fully explained). This must be in your own words of how you would personally plan, including coaching and safety points based on teaching a 1 hour class once a week covering such things as your teaching notes, adaptations and anything else to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the program.

Everything is covered in the program including filming guidelines and what we’re looking for. 

Pass Rates: Provided that you have attained a 70% or more pass mark in the final written and practical assessment you will be awarded program Certification and be eligible to obtain insurance. 

The program material covers (fully explains) everything you need to be able to submit your assessments to us.


You get access to the course indefinitely whilst licensed. 

YES! Please enrol me on the step-by-step course of becoming a “Professional Tai Chi Fit Instructor” right now, so I can learn how to start, run and grow my very own Tai Chi Fitness classes! 

Price Includes:

  • Access to the Online Course indefinitely whilst an active License holder
  • Professionally Filmed Instruction Videos Covering Everything You Need
  • Downloadable User Guides and Notes
  • Includes Assessment and Certification
  • Market Your Classes Kit (includes downloadable A4 poster, Flyer and Social Media Announcements). Released upon successful pass. 

Note: Fee does not include the instructor assessment and this is an additional £59 extra which you can pay later before you submit your assessment for examination by our team. 

Become A Licensed Tai Chi Fit Instructor Now For The Incredible Price of Just £95!

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What Our Customers Say...

"Had an amazing course and learned a great new skill"

Had an amazing course and learned a great new skill. Will definitely be attending other courses. Thank you!

Lee Miller, Kent

"Fantastic, great course. Got a lot to take back to Spain and teach."

“Fantastic, great course. Got a lot to take back to Spain and teach. Thanks for all your help and support.”

Ian Field, Murcia Spain

"Very clear, good theory notes, appropriate close ups on Video."

My classes have enjoyed the taster sessions I’ve introduced so far and are interested in doing more! Thank you.”

Alison Sage, Aberdeen