Terms of Licence

Program Licence Agreement

1. All membership log-ins are unique and must not be shared with anyone else.

2. As a member you acknowledge that all materials, literature, and intellectual property relating to the tools and resources are the sole property of Ian Fox and Fox Fitness and are protected under United Kingdom Copyright and Trademark Law.

3. You are NOT allowed to transfer (use) this material, information and content for other business activities or sessions etc. This is for YOUR sessions and business ONLY whilst an active program license remains in force.

4. You must keep what you learn on this course confidential (other than teaching the contents to your customers). You must agree never to publish, resell, or distribute the information you learn in The program in any way, shape, or form. This is because you will be learning copyrighted proprietary formulas and trade secrets that are for your own use as a program licence holder but not for resale or redistribution in any way.

5. You technically will not own any of the materials you receive. Your investment entitles you to lease these materials indefinitely (whilst having a valid program licence), provided you do not try to re-sell, re-package or distribute the information in any way (other than for your own use as a licensed program instructor). This protects our intellectual property, and it also protects the investment you’re making.

6. Media Coverage or Exposure: You are NOT allowed to conduct any media interviews or appearances of any type (online, live or in print) without gaining approval and permission from Fox Fitness HQ first. This is to protect our brand integrity and to help you make the most of the media exposure.

7. You are not permitted to write a book(s) (become an author), reports(s), produce a product(s) etc. or do your own educational or tips videos (such as on You Tube etc) on subjects or topics that are offered/coached as a program licence holder or that is already offered by founders Ian Fox. You can do your own promotional video as part of campaign to promote your classes/courses but this MUST be pre-approved first by Fox Training HQ.

8. Access to the online course members area will be active for as long as you remain a paid and ACTIVE member/subscriber of Fox Fitness (hold a valid licence to teach our programs). You will be given 12 months membership and access to the online content as long you have an ACTIVE/PAID membership (licence), then to remain a Registered/Licensed instructor we charge £97 per year or the payment as stated on the course page at purchase (continuation of licence). This taken automatically every year through PayPal/Stripe. Membership is recurring annually unless you cancel.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased a Lifetime Licence then course access will be ongoing and NO further payment is required

Please note it is always the responsibility of the member to cancel any recurring payment in PayPal. Fox Training DOES NOT send up and coming payment reminders or renewal notices. If you cancel your licence subscription (PayPal recurring payment) at any time (even if it is at anytime within the first year) this will automatically cancel and expire your licence to teach, use and participate in the program. If this occurs (wilfully or by accident) you MUST NOT continue to teach or use the program (this is NOT allowed), and will be upheld where breaches are found. If cancelled by accident and you wish to re-activate there will be a charge to cover this.

9. You CANNOT transfer your membership, course access or purchase(s) to another person (or third party) under any circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTE (Applies to annual renewal of license only): 

  1. The annual licence runs from the date the initial payment was made for the course and not the date the course was passed.
  2. It is always the responsibility of the customer/purchaser to cancel any ongoing payment.
  3. If you do not wish to continue or your circumstances change and you no longer wish to remain licensed and teach the program then no renewal or payment will be applicable. Just let us know you are no longer teaching or using the program (in good time before the renewal date, not after).
  4. Fox Training cannot be held response for payments taken in error. If you cancel your recurring payment before the year is out this will automatically cancel your program teaching license, meaning you will no longer be allowed to teach any content from the program (course) and would need to remove ALL listings associated with the program (instructor listing or promotions etc including both online of offline).