In-House Course at Eden Hall Day Spa

“Just a line to say thank you to you and others at Fox Fitness for my Instructor Certificate.  I’m really pleased, and it arrived on my birthday which made it even better!” Lydia Nicholson

“Loving the courses with Fox Fitness! I think they are very easy to follow & Ian & Annette’s experience shines through, I have done loads of different courses over the years, so it’s lovely to see people with passion passing it on.” Catherine Dodd


Fitness Yoga:

“The course was well presented and has given me the tools to advance my business further. I would highly recommend Fitness Yoga to anyone. Thank you.” Ian Field, Murcia, Spain

“Very good and informative. Would definitely recommend to others who want to teach Fitness Yoga.” Stephen Lim, Surrey

“I thought the program to be very useful as a tool for teaching yoga. It focuses on the physicality and relaxation and it feels very accessible to all abilities and can be adapted to suit everyone. Thanks for a lovely course.” Lisa Reading, Birmingham

“Really enjoyed the course – full of content and delivered very professionally. And very grateful for the adaptations needed to help me.” Anthea Healey, St Albans“Thank you for a great training day. I thought one day might not be enough but the material provided seems to cover a lot. I really enjoyed it and think the course has been developed really well, especially the class planning section.” Laura Stewart, Winchester

“Annette was a fantastic teacher. Very thorough in explaining the moves. Looking forward to practising and teaching Fitness Yoga, thank you.” Sue Young, Birmingham

“Very insightful and a great addition to the classes I currently teach. Super day.” James Cobb, Oxford

“It was very enjoyable, fun and in-depth. Just the thing that I have been looking for in yoga, a mixture of different styles of yoga in a safe, fun and enjoyable way.” Clinton Julien, London

“Excellent private tuition that answered all my requirements for yoga teacher mentoring – highly recommend as yoga instructor course.” Alex, London

“Fitness Yoga is a well thought out and informative programme. I learned a lot of new and inspiring ideas and techniques. Best of all the instructor was helpful and fun. I relaxed completely and worked hard at the same time. Would recommend it to anyone.” Ann-Mari Thomas. Woking, Surrey

“I thoroughly enjoyed a very relaxed day of learning in a friendly environment. I have come away with a fantastic knowledge of Fitness Yoga.” 
Rachel Wilson. Woking, Surrey

“Very constructive, easy to follow, straight to the point. A lot of time to practice, great teacher and welcoming hosts. Keep up the good work! Thank you.” 
Aida Pecelyte, Crawley

“Fitness Yoga was very clear and concise, with great detail, motivation in a way that is accessible to anyone and everyone. Really enjoyed my day.” Andy Hancock, Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa, West Sussex

“Today’s training was fun, professional, helpful, engaging and motivating. Annette is warm, encouraging and very friendly. Thank you!” Catherine Dodd, Isle of Wight

“It was exactly what I was hoping for. No ‘jargon’ Fitness Yoga in its essence. Annette is a lovely, clear and friendly lady who delivered the course day eloquently. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get started. Fitness Yoga here I come!” Louise Ratcliffe, West Sussex


Mindfulness Meditation:

 “Great day – excellent tuition and support and personally beneficial as well! Looking forward to using Mindfulness as a tool with clients, to teaching and using it. Thank you.” Allyson Williamson, Dorset

“Very good program, should fit in well with my current ‘Chi Kung’ sessions as well as a stand alone program later in the year. Thank you.” Brian Davey, Wiltshire

“Well prepared, informative and most importantly adaptable to various life situations. The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. It is a thought provoking course and with practice will benefit my life and how I deal with circumstances. Thank you.” Kath Logan, Wales

“Very relaxing, extremely logical and well thought out, this is really going to complement my yoga teaching too. Thanks you so much.” Ann-Mari Thomas, Surrey

“I found the programme very enlightening and improving my ability to focus on my own thoughts and projections in life. Using the skills I have learnt I hope to share my new knowledge to help others.” Rachel Wilson, Surrey


Power Chiyoga:

“Very relaxing, good for de-stressing and I would like to bring the benefits of this to as many people as possible. Thanks for a great day”. Debbie Gilbert, Surrey.

“A thoroughly enjoyable day giving a wonderful insight into ‘Power Chiyoga’ showing many different aspects and adaptations. Would recommend to anyone, good class size too”. Amanda Cory, Sutton Coldfield

“A very good, positive experience, thank you”. Unni Plant, Surrey.

“Very inspiring day, positive and energising. Everything was well presented and clearly explained. Can’t wait to teach it!” Jules Dymond, Wiltshire

“Fantastic, would recommend to anyone to do the course. It’s nice to see something that can benefit everyone, any age or ability”. Vicky White, Nottingham.

“I found that the discs combined with the written text, provided a comprehensive first step in to the disciplines of yoga and tai chi as fused together in Power Chiyoga. Apart from the routine itself, the other written chapters of the manual are a particularly valuable source of information and advice”. Vincent Carroll, London

“Power Chiyoga has made me realise there is more to fitness than jumping around. The course has helped me to discover a new way to stretch and motivate, more importantly  feel great inside and out”. Stephanie Barnard, West Midlands.

“An amazing flowing meditation with all aspects of mind, body and spirit. Wonderful movements. Can’t wait to get practicing for my own benefit and then my students”. R.Prescott, Solihull Therapies and Retreats, Solihull.

“Inspired by the introduction of chi. An excellent program to learn, teach and enjoy. It’s a true break for everyone from their normal busy lives, a chance to enjoy silence!” L.Barker Alexander House Utopia Spa, West Sussex

“The references to everyday life in this program motivated me to practice this program regularly for myself. I realised I needed more relaxation and regeneration of my energy, I found it with Power Chiyoga”. L.George, Northumberland

“I enjoyed everything about this program, I feel as though I’ve achieved a lot from this program, thank you”. D.Benson, North Lincs


Qigong For Health:

“Very clear and concisely delivered, I feel confident in the material taught and had an insightful day. You have helped me feel confident in my ability to teach and I learnt a great deal. The course itself is simple, clear and accessible, which is what I wanted. It was a day of a-ha moments and fun! Annette is a very clear and balanced teacher, I especially appreciated the down-to-earth approach of the teaching, and am really excited to get out there and teach Qigong. Thank you!” Amanda Flood, Suffolk 

“It has been very good. I really got a lot out of the course. Looking forward to putting it into practice. Thank you.” Mieke Kreeftenberg, London

“Thank you so much for today, it totally went beyond my expectations. The course content was exactly right and the manual is very impressive. Definitely recommend this course to anyone and the trainer was marvelous.” Lorraine Murphy, Lincolnshire

“Qigong For Health is quite simply a potentially life changing course. I am inspired as never before”. Robert Marks, Nottingham

“Motivated by tutors bredth of knowledge and inter-personal skills. A professional course that provides many new and interesting insights”. Charles Miller-Fik, Norfolk

“I enjoyed the whole day and learnt many aspects of healing and some great exercises”. Vicky White, Nottingham

“The simple techniques taught have such deep rooted benefits for me personally, which I will now carry with me and pass on to othersso that they may receive these benefits too. I can see this program becoming a necessity in this modern world”. D.Cunningham, Warrington

“A balanced and inspiring introduction to this healing art. The program provided me with plenty of material to work with and build upon, simple yet very effective program”. A.Orr, Ireland

“I am motivated to take time to focus on balancing all forces of energy. The program was well structured as the exercises and affirmations were clearly and logically progressed. I now look forward to developing the knowledge gained and practicing Qigong For Health”.
W .Friston, Informed Vitality, Derby

“The Whole Course Was Fascinating” Liz Lake

“I felt More Alive, Calmer, Focussed and Energised” Nigel Morgan – Premier Training Trainer

“It Was Amazing” E McEliee

“Excellent Course Will Certainly Come On Others” Lesley Ward


Tai Chi Fit:

“Had an amazing day and learned a great new skill. Will definitely be attending other courses. Thank you!” Lee Miller, Kent

“Fantastic, great course. Got a lot to take back to Spain and teach. Thanks for all your help and support.Ian Field, Murcia Spain

“Very clear, good theory notes, appropriate close ups on DVD. My classes have enjoyed the taster sessions I’ve introduced so far and are interested in doing more! Thank you.” Alison Sage, Aberdeen

“The course will enable me to teach exercise to everybody I meet whatever their fitness levels”. Andrew McGlashan, Wiltshire.

“The course was very interesting and I have learnt a lot. Can’t wait to start teaching it, I feel great. Thanks”. Kirsty Currier, Cheshire

“Best course I have been on, usually courses drain you of energy and you clock watch, but I feel motivated and enthusiatic to teach at the end of the course. Thank you”. Paul Lund, Cheshire

“Wonderful movements, can’t wait to get practising for my own benefit and then my students”. Ron Prescott, Birmingham

“The level of knowledge and info was given with great enthusiasm. Excellent form of fitness for all ages and backgrounds”. Linda Jones, Birmingham

“This program I found was simple to put into practice and I was inspired to perfect the techniques”. P.Oliver, Group fitness and personal trainer, Worcester

“I was inspired by the clarity of movement and ease with which the program can be learnt. Amazing program, I was surprised with the amount of energy I could feel and very, very relaxed”. S.Jarrett, Viper Martial Arts Academy, Essex

“Tai Chi Fit is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I wasn’t disappointed”
Jan Bain  – Royal Mail

“The most exhilarating course for me – found a direction I want to pursue”  Steve Green – Ford Motor Group

“A new field to work in Tai Chi Fit seems to feel very comfortable to me” Rozy Swinnerton – Schwinn Indoor Cycling


Fitness Kickboxing Instructor

“Course run smoothly and structure was easy to learn and a joy to do”George Brown, London

“Taught me about different kinds of fitness levels and how Fitness Kickboxing fits the bill”. Lauren McCarth, Hertfordshire

“Gave me new ideas for classes and Personal Training clients”Leanne Kenney, London

“Techniques were taught beautifully. Gave me confidence to teach clients and progress career”. C Nicholls, East Midlands

“I particularly enjoyed the partner sequences”Perry Adolpaus, London

“Gave me new ideas and development for personal training”Hayley Pottle, Hertfordshire

“The course includes a lot of great techniques and skills.” Richard Nicholls, East Midlands

“An excellent  & Informative Course for ALL PT’s”Sharna Stimpson – Kent.

“Really excellent course, by far the most enjoyable training course I’ve doen. Made me feel very confident and motivated”. Elise Guthrie – Falkirk

“I can see my Personal Training from a different point of view now”Suzannah G – Birmingham

“It has made me more confident in my abilities – I’m inspired because it’s fun and physical”. Faye Hooper – London

“I was inspired by Ian Fox’s passion for what he does so well! I feel very confident to go out and teach Kickboxing now to my PT clients”. T Marke

“Kickbox is an excellent way to teach fitness”. Ryan Miah (Shaolin Monk) – London

“Fitness Kickboxing is exciting and adds great value to your clients. The structure, combinations and fitness workout was amazing”. C Julien, London

“I found the program to be very well layed out and easy to follow. It has been enjoyable and I look forward to using it in my future career plans. Thanks to those involved with creating it.”

Scott Fairburn – June 2012