I have noticed that people who succeed do things that people who fail do not do.

Firstly winners, control their STATE

Everything we do in life depends on what kind of a state of mind we’re in. A lousy state produces lousy results and a great state produces great results. What controls our state is how we process information or events from the outside world. We have an experience and internalize it in a certain way which influences our behavior.
Control your state by controlling what things mean.

Secondly they have a STRATEGY

People who succeed in life have a strategy they don’t just meander along. They learn all they can and plan well. People who succeed have a strategy for dealing with almost any event, stress, happiness, success, failure you name it! Some say they don’t have a strategy but not having a strategy is a strategy in itself.

When something happens in your life stop and think…what’s my strategy?

Lastly they have SKILL

Being in the right state is one thing, and having the right strategy is great but people who succeed train on their skills to make the best of what they have. If they have a weaker area they develop it. Skills need conditioning until they become reflex rather than intellectual. Going inside your head means your response will vary every time until a pattern is created.

Our thoughts are weaved upon the tapestry of our experience.

Ian Fox

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